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Mushroom Reflective Crop Hoodie

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IN STOCK and available for immediate shipment from our Utah Warehouse

Our rainbow reflective prints are stealthy until you don't want them to be. The mushroom pattern is a mellow gray/black, and then when the light hits it just right, the print comes to life and looks like it's from another dimension.

Crop Hoodie Features:

  • 4-way stretch, light-weight and breathable
  • Embroidered Shroom Beach icon on left side
  • Rainbow Reflective MUSHROOM printed outer fabric

Wash / Care Instructions
Please wash it by hand, do not twist it too tight, and dry it naturally.

Customer Reviews

Based on 26 reviews
Lori Shorethose
Super cute!

I haven’t had the chance to wear it yet.
I was inspired by a friend that had one though and it looked awesome.
Can’t wait to wear it when it cools down a bit!

Christen Alexander
Cutest lightweight hoodie

Cannot wait to wear this to edc orlando!

Todd R MacKenzie
Excellent Product, Poor Reading Skills

I bought the reflective hoodie but didn't read or see the 'crop' part. I was excited to try it on when it arrived in the mail. I went up to my room, pulled it over my head, put my arms through the sleeves, which fit nicely at that point, and then tried to pull it down, over my gut only flip out because it didn't fit. I lost my fucking mind!! I checked the website to confirm my order and yes...I bought the crop top whick would have been fine if was flaming with a 6 pack. But alas, it was not to be. Please make a non 'crop top' hoodie for us guys who can't read good.

Monika Gomez
Exceeded expectations

Comfortable material that's easy to wear and the design is amazing.

Sandra Palomino
Love it!!

The material is great! Super cozy! The pattern is awesome, the reflective design is really cool at night with light shining directly on it. During the day Or indoors it’s very subtle but still super cool and eye catching!
Love it!