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Psilly pillow

Great little decorative pillow.! Was a bit smaller than I expected. But still non-the less it’s a funny little thing and makes for a great add on to some chair pillows!

Infinite stars

I bought it for the design, but to my pleasant surprise it's also the best feeling shirt (fit, lightness, comfort, etc) for the gym and running I've ever owned too!

This shirt is dope AF

This shirt exceeded my expectations and caused me to pre-order the zip-up, lol. Seriously, the FIT on this is amazing!!! Longer than the picture would have you believe and hugs you in all the right places. I'm 5"4' & 140 pounds; normally wear a small but I like my t-shirts oversized so I usually buy a medium, however, I looked at the measurements and bought a small and it's the perfect size for me 💙

Just Eat It Sticker
Shelly Corlew
Favorite sticker!

I for real love this sticker! I love the colors and the placement of the words underneath the mushroom. Waiting for this exact design to appear on a t-shirt, hoodie or beanie!!

Fisherman Beanie - White (75% OFF!)
Monty Nathaneil Hartwell-Birch
Fisherman beanie review

It’s perfect other then that fact it’s a bit too small


I’m 5’3 118lbs xs is perfect!
Super soft material, very reflective and super cute!!

Nice quality; not big boobie friendly

I got the XXL and I am a size 42DD and with the straps pulled tight it was able to lift my breasts from getting too exposed. However a nip slip is TOO easy in this. My boobs are pouring out and I’m afraid that due to dancing and gravity the straps will give out in under 30 minutes and a boob WILL escape. I’m going to wear nipple stickers just in case because I love the design too much to return it. I’ll invest in a bra crossover hook to secure this better.

They wear and fit perfect just what i wanted


Loved the clothes. They are awesome and well worth it.everyone loved em at the fest and I had the best customer service when I had a problem or question 10/10

Best shorts I have ever worn

I'm 5' 7" and around 215lbs. The shorts fit perfect, they are super flattering and I cannot even communicate through words how comfortable they are, the fabric is thick and stretchy and oh so soft. They are really expensive but I would buy another pair if they had a different pattern in a hot second.


NOW these are short shorts and i love them. I gave my pair to my friend will be getting more. No zippers but material is comfy and very breathable!

+100 rizz points!

Wore this shirt to a Dr. Fresch show. I couldn’t even tell you how many compliments I got! 10/10

Fresh fits

Product quality is much better than similar chinese nock-offs. The colors/patterns are loud and the material is soft and breathable. Pockets are also sized appropriately.

Microdose Reflective Vintage Active Shorts (50% OFF!)


Clothes are very high quality, overall very worth it.

Hell yeah!

Great joggers!! The sizing is one up from what youd normally be comfortable with but over all great. Both front and back zippers, very breatheable, not irritational to the skin. Also Im a wacky character so these are perfect for mismatch or going to catch someones eye! Love em 🤟🏽💚CANT WAIT TO USE THEM AT EDCLV2023

Awesome shirt

Love the material and design

Great Tank!

The design is great with a bit of Care Bears nostalgia. I wear it at every event I go to.

Repeat purchase

When I saw these on sale I had to get another pair!!!

Love the shorts!

Great design and colors. I wear them to events often. Not as reflective as I was hoping, but the colors still stand out and I've gotten a lot of compliments on them!


I love these pants!

Amazing !!

I get compliments because of this more than any other piece of clothing I own. It’s ridiculous. Recommend it to anyone! It’s even better in person!

Super comfy

Fit well and very comfortable
Was worried 2x would be too big, but it was only size left.
Glad I skipped a size up
Zippered pockets great for workouts

Mens Joggers

Perfect fit and very comfortable. Love the pockets!

Great quality product

These shorts are high quality and very unique. Shipping was super fast and shop was very communicative!