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Unisex Mushroom Reflective Premium Cloak

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Our rainbow reflective prints are stealthy until you don't want it to be. The mushroom pattern is a mellow gray/black, and then when the light hits it just right, the print comes to life and looks like it's from another dimension.

Premium Cloak Features:

  • Rainbow Reflective MUSHROOM printed outer fabric
  • Deep secret pockets + inside zipper pocket
  • Soft outer side pockets
  • Warm, ultra-soft sherpa lining
  • 2-way zipper closure
  • Rope hoodie strings
  • Unisex sizing
  • Perfect for festivals, shows, hiking, inner-space voyages, or anything your adventure calls for!

Wash / Care Instructions
Please wash it by hand, do not twist it too tight, and dry it naturally.

Customer Reviews

Based on 21 reviews
Gabby M.
10/10 recommend

This cloak is amazing quality! It’s not only super soft but feels really warm and the material is amazing. I love the length, it fits exactly true to size so if you want roomy I would size up.

Nikita Kalashnikov
Amazing quality

Like the title says the quality is amazing. The fur inside is much softer than I thought it would be. The length is good. There are also these two very useful pockets with zippers on one of the sides, inside the jacket. Whoever thought that up should get a raise. Overall I'm very happy with my purchase, even though delivery took a while.

Dimitrios Nivolianitis
Shroom cloak review

I love it, it’s like a wearable blanket

Michael Brannan
Got the cloak

I got it and it's sicccc ! Excited for fest season !!

Ahmed Labi

It's incredible. Wanna wear it everyday. I have another reason to love the winter season.