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Mushroom Reflective Bodysuit

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Dichroic "squid ink" fabric inspired by 500+ million years of evolution.

The squids' skin is one of the most complex and unique biological materials on this planet. While most creatures with color-changing ability do it to hide, squids do it to attract. Which is where the inspiration for Shroom Beach's reflective release came from.

Our mushroom reflective prints are stealthy, until you don't want them to be. The mushroom pattern is a mellow gray/black, and then when the light hits it just right, the print comes to life and looks like it's from another dimension.

Bodysuit Features:

  • Rainbow Reflective MUSHROOM printed outer fabric
  • Deep secret pockets + inside zipper pocket
  • Soft outer side pockets
  • Warm, ultra-soft sherpa lining
  • 2-way zipper closure
  • Rope hoodie strings
  • Unisex sizing
  • Perfect for festivals, shows, hiking, inner-space voyages, or anything your adventure calls for!

Wash / Care Instructions
Please wash it by hand, do not twist it too tight, and dry it naturally.

Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
Bailey Rafferty
Very comfy, stretchy body suit

It's an amazing addition to my dancewear! Downside, the print rubs off if you're not careful. Treat this item gently!

Casey Kalita
Love it

Absolutely love it! I’ve been wanting to get it for a year and once it went on sale I knew I had to have it. All in all I love it and the only reason I’m giving it four stars is because the top is just a little loose. I wear a 34D so I didn’t think it would be a problem. Only thing I would change is maybe adjustable straps but besides that I would definitely recommend it

Somehow even better than I imagined.

I knew the glowing mushrooms would be cool, but I didn’t anticipate how much I would love the fabric and the feel of it. It’s buttery and thick, and so, so comfortable. I’m so excited to wear this out! I can pair it with a lot, with a skirt or jeans or a sweater. The open pack is cute and sexy, but stays in place really well.

Annie Shaltz
This is the body suit of my dreams!

I love mushrooms and when I saw this bodysuit I impulse purchased it. When it came I was nervous that it would be too small but I tried it on and it fits like a glove. I wear it to hot yoga and it is the most comfortable thing to wear. It feels like a second skin. Everyone complements me on it. I hope Shroom Beach makes more because I would purchase this in every color!

Jorja Arlidge

Love this bodysuit so much!!! The material is so nice! Very comfortable to wear!! And of course I absolutely love the reflective mushrooms 🍄!!