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Silky Tiger Button Up

Shroom Beach Sticker Pack
Shelby Billsten

Shroom Beach Sticker Pack

Amazing hoodie!

Can’t say enough good things about this hoodie, well worth the price. Wore to a festival at the weekend and got given so many compliments. Walked 40 mins home in decently heavy rain and it somehow kept me completely dry which I wasn’t expecting at all!

Amazing product

The reflective shroom shirt and pants and some of the best feeling material I've worn and the way it is reflective especially when u take a vid of yourself is amazing with be coming back for more

Soft and Comfy

Boyfriend loves it!

Psychedelic World All Over Print Men's Shorts

Mushroom Reflective Unisex Tee - Black

Fits great!

Love the fit. Probably my most favorite swim suit. Fits true to size

Too Much Fun

This top is f**king adorable and so much fun for photos! Use flash and the entire trip transforms - glowing with shroomy goodness! It’s a comfortable fit and it washes well. Be sure to check the dimensions listed when choosing your size. Mine came in exactly as expected.

Really cool swimsuit, especially to wear to a festival! The sizes are confusing but I ordered a medium and it fit like a glove..I’m 5’6” 140lbs with 34” bust, waist 28”, and hip 29”. I got tons of compliments.

Shroom Beach María Sabina Knit Sweater

Lightweight & stylish

Thin enough for hot summer months to keep the sun off & stylish enough to keep eyes on you. Fabric feels awesome & the reflective parts are rad!

Awesome, Comfortable, and Eye Catching

These are absolutely awesome pants. Bought them for Coachella and EDC, but ended up liking them so much I just wear them around the house now. These have a zipper so you don't lose pocket items (or get stolen from in a crowd). And the reflective ink definitely looked cool; these ended up getting me more compliments than any other clothing I've worn.

For size reference, I typically wear a 30' inch waist pants (6'0" tall), so small was a good size for me for these.

Coolest Cloak Ever

Great quality, good size.

Got an XS active short for EDC festival + working out in the gym. This pair of shorts is perfect.
I am 5'4'' ~133lb and the XS size was a perfect fit

Magic Mushrooms Airbag Phone Holder

Plants Graphic Sweatshirt
Daniel Adarkwah
Plants sweat shirt

Awesome print, simple yet effective.

Great quality, super reflective and comfortable.

They are very flexible.


The answer! Yes, it is a great hat that brings in compliments. It's also a comfortable hat that I hardly ever take off.

Didn’t fit very well but looked awesome

Mushroom Reflective - Unisex Long Sleeve Tee


Shirts are so cool! They fit perfrctly and are a nice soft material. Reflects at a short distance, suler rad.

Great quality product. Really pleased with how it looks and feels great to wear.

Amazing quality

Like the title says the quality is amazing. The fur inside is much softer than I thought it would be. The length is good. There are also these two very useful pockets with zippers on one of the sides, inside the jacket. Whoever thought that up should get a raise. Overall I'm very happy with my purchase, even though delivery took a while.

Review of acid tabs all over print cloak

Toke a bit but when it finally came I can definitely say it’s worth the wait and money. Very soft inside and clean design.