Shroom Beach Reflective Collection: It's Out Of This World

Shroom Beach Reflective Collection: It's Out Of This World

Let yourself immerse in different colors. Shroom Beach Reflective Collection shows off the magic of dichroic squid ink fabric to your favorite apparel.

The squid's skin is the most complex and the most unique biological materials on the planet because of the presence of chromatophores, cells that change color when hit or triggered by any kind of light source, allowing them to camouflage when there are predators, communicating with a fellow squid, or to attract a potential mate. This biological marvel has inspired us to adopt and develop a certain fabric that will not just catch one's attention, but also as a sensory way to put one's mind at ease. Thus, Shroom Beach's Reflective Collection was born.

Made from dichroic squid ink fabric, each item in the Reflective Line comes to life when being hit by light, bringing out dazzling and extra-dimensional colors, tantalizing your inner senses and making you feel the freedom you've been craving for. From undies to cloaks, you can never go wrong with clothes that 'camouflage to attract anything and anyone'.

Our Reflective Line has the following categories: Rainbow, Mushroom, Formless, Simulation and our newest, the Cotton Reflective. Each line has a distinct design and concept but still bears the sensory reflective fabric that everyone has been raving about. Shroom Beach is proud and happy to present you one of our store's most favorite, and surely, it will be your favorite too:

1.) Mushroom Reflective Premium Sherpa Cloak - Black
on sale for $249.99

2.) Microdose Reflective Vintage Active Shorts - Black
on sale for $59.99

3.) Formless Reflective Men's Joggers
on sale for $69.99

4.) Rainbow Reflective Women's Liner Track Shorts (4-way stretch)
on sale for $29.99

5.) Shroom Beach Reflective Unisex Tee - White
on sale for $5.00

We hope you enjoy our surprisingly colorful Reflective Collection. Just by buying them or any of our products, you're helping Psychedelic Institute make therapies accessible to everyone, and this has been aiming since we established this store.

Shroom Beach Reflective Collection: it's more than just a clothing line. It's a magical gateway to your mental and psychological freedom through colors.