Celebrating Psychedelic Healing With Shroom Beach

Celebrating Psychedelic Healing With Shroom Beach

Psychedelics have become a popular avenue to mental healing and awareness through its whimsical and surreal art style, and Shroom Beach has been an active advocate of self-love and healing through its apparel and accessory designs.

As society has become more and more acceptable to ways in attaining the ultimate calm, the emergence of potentially dangerous yet whimsical art form has also been making noises, tapping several areas, groups and businesses to become bridges of spreading awareness. This is how and why Shroom Beach was born: we are spreading awareness and celebrating what psychedelics do in achieving your own nirvana -- through our carefully-crafted apparel and accessories boosting with that kind of trippy energy. 

Maybe for some, to engage in any psychedelic act or art would mean embracing what's totally wrong -- if you know what I mean, but here at Shroom Beach, it's all about the power of a refreshed mind and the beauty of being in the world of rainbows and flowers, a way of forgetting any negativity that might have caused one lots of stress, trauma and unpleasant thoughts. We're here to help you treat yourself -- even just once in your life -- through our designs that shout 'oh, yeah, inner peace', while still retaining your own personality. Wearing what will calm you the most? Definitely a good idea.

Why Psychedelics?

Mental health is just one of the topics that have been progressive as time goes by, spreading awareness to everyone through breakthrough studies and discoveries for improvement. This may be surprising for some, but discovering and developing enlightening drugs have become one of acceptable ways to put turbulent minds in peace. And this has also become an acceptable aesthetic since the '60s, even during the classical times, paving way to open the door to the whimsical world of psychedelics.

Originally, psychedelics refer to types of hallucinogens that can induce altered states of consciousness, or in simpler terms, trips. Think of that magic potion Alice drank to help her enter Wonderland and see herself on an adventure -- that's the primary job of psychedelics. On a legal side, this helps treat severe anxiety, depression, PTSD and even psychosis if psychedelic substances are used for recreational, medical and religious purposes -- and in moderation. Since these kinds of drugs have been acceptable for those purposes alone, awareness of it has been advocated in the modern times, starting from the birth of 'Flower Power' in the '60s and '70s, through the use of bright, loud colors and the use of distorted electronic and Indian influence in music.

Why Shroom Beach?

Shroom Beach, as represented by the Psilocybin mushroom standing on a cute little island, believes in the healing power of psychedelics. Using bright, neon-ish reflectives in often whimsical, spiritual and mystical figures and graphics, we bring life to simple shirts, activewear and even accessories that can help you show off how trippy you are. The fun part? They're more than just being designed as they are. There is still function and comfort -- and that is what we were aiming for when we created this store.

It is a matter of celebrating psychedelic love and healing in every item we make while retaining their functionality, comfort and style. We understand your need for something worth your money and time and we want to be with you on your mental and spiritual journey in our way. And we chose creating and producing worthwhile items as our way to celebrate your 'trips'.

Worth A Cozy Trip

Explore our best sellers and new arrivals where each item sports mind-blowing designs which will definitely give you a trip of a lifetime. We also have all-time favorites on sale, where you can get them while they're still around -- well, they do run out fast, so you better save yourself with one of these to strut your love for the high and pretty.

Take note also that we're giving away free shipping on all orders reaching $125 or more, that will save you as much as you save your mental state from bad vibes.

If you will ask us, we're also glad that we're in for this wonderful trip to infinity and beyond. Welcome to Shroom Beach, where the magic starts with embracing the psychedelia of self-discovery and mental awareness.